Thursday, August 4, 2011

Southern sunsets - and a moon rise

Migrating to a new computer soon - amazing what you find when you have a bit of a tidy up.

Top photos are of the South Island, viewed from home (sand blasted windows make a great filter!) The last is the full moon rising above the Orongorongos, photo taken from Ataturk Memorial.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I See Red, I See Red, I See Red!

earthquakes, economy, tenants, family, travel, worst ever ‘flu, delusional from worst ever ‘flu, can’t believe I drove (to pharmacy) delusional with worst ever ‘flu, cat bitten by dog, vets bills, lost buttons (and marbles, some would argue), restructuring, retrenchment, (co-workers) redundancies, new shoes :-), neighbours, boundary issues, broken stove, new stove, high NZ dollar, sales! specials! sun, snow, cold cold cold.

Made these two jackets months ago, but—even though its winter—haven’t worn either of them yet.
Actually, made the red wool jacket about 15 years ago, but I’ve re-cut the collar, replace the huge shoulder pads and shortened it about 10cm. Made the brooch too, because the original buttons left a mark while in storage—oops!

"I See Red" by Split Enz (1978)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In between days

The mornings are starting to cool in Wellington, yet lunchtimes are still warm enough for bare limbs. Time for layers.

Yes, I’ve dusted off the sewing machine again. Grey skirt – made by me – I’m desperate for new work clothes at the moment, the wardrobe is starting to look a little worn (and I’m bored of wearing the same things).

The fawn silk and white linen self-embroidered blouses belonged to my grandmother.

Double belt from Luminary.

Chuck a cardigan on top and you’re away.

The Cure – In Between Days

Monday, February 21, 2011

The perfect day

Yesterday, SunnyJim and I took a road trip to Palmerston North for an extra special surprise birthday party.

I’ve been dying to posting pictures of the dress I made to wear, but felt I couldn’t until now just in case extra special birthday girl found out somehow. Made from an original 1958 pattern (modernized slightly with a zipper in the back), fabric bought for $1 a metre in a Spotlight sale some years ago, and finished with a fabric belt purchased for $7 at the recent Stax summer sale.

A fun day was had by all - the largest family get-together in a long time - picture sipping champagne in a glorious garden in full bloom, shading under sun umbrellas from the 29ÂșC heat.

Driving back to Wellington we stopped at the beautiful Himatangi beach for a swim, before continuing - refreshed - on our journey home. The perfect end to a perfect day.

Perfect day by Lou Reed